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"It is like watching a movie, and my life is on the screen. When I enter the Heart Space, it becomes just light emitting from the projector with colors and movement that take place on the screen. I know when I am there that the things I thought were real are not — that I am the Light and not the movie."

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Love is creation

This workshop has been created for us to awaken our hearts in a new way enabling us to step into a brand new life. Whether or not we are familiar with the heart chakra, here we are going another step and actually entering inside our physical heart, which adds a another dimension of being [See quote from the Upanishads above.]

In this workshop you can remember:

  • How to enter ascension and higher consciousness
  • To be able to experience the realisation of all we have ever wished for is a truly life-changing experience.
  • How to move your consciousness through your body, finding the Source
  • Take part in the ongoing Creation Process from within your Heart.
  • Activate your pineal gland and open up your Third Eye.
  • Activate your living Lightbody permanently: the Heart based Merkaba.

Flowing through the beautiful and subtle waves of the heart we remember how easy it is to live from our Heart


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