Videos with Drunvalo

Meeting Drunvalo for the first time, Mexico 2013

Cosmic Grace

Drunvalo has been putting out his work and latest information as he recieves it for several decades now. Most of it is available on YouTube. I have just chosen three above which are either current or I feel are relevant to what I teach and share at my ATIH workshops. He talks about:

  1. the Awakening The Illuminated Heart work;
  2. the reason for setting up the School of Remembering;
  3. lastly he describes in some detail the Ascension process

Below are three parts of a recent interview Drunvalo gave to Lilou Mace where he talks about his new work, Cosmic Grace.

During the week of March 9 to 14 Drunvalo introduced this new knowledge and techniques for the first time. He co-presented with his wife Claudette, who brought her own wisdom.

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