Teacher and facilitator

It is Susanne’s deepest joy and heartfelt gratitude to share this transformational knowledge and spiritual technology to support you with the shift happening on earth right now. From within your own Heart, you will find the way to own in every moment, the tools to connect to the light and love of all creation.

In 1980 she became a sannyasin and was given the Sanskrit name: Prem Prabhuta which means ‘power of love’.

Susanne co-founded the Tibetan Pulsing Institute in Osho’s ashram, conducting trainings in the black marble pyramids. This led to her initiating the powerful women's work, Taras of the Blue Moon.

 She has been international teacher for over 20 years, running trainings and workshops in Russia, Europe and the USA. The ‘pulse’ comes from the Tiny Space of the heart from where all healing happens.

After returning to the UK, Susanne came in contact with Drunvalo’s books and videos. She loved Drunvalo’s scientific approach, the sacred geometry and history of humanity. She was drawn to the ATIH work finding it profound, beautiful, effective and entirely in tune with the changes now happening on earth, leading to her training with Drunvalo in Mexico.

Susanne Prabhuta

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